Afroman Spice

afroman spiceAfroman Spice is a theatrical group of only women on stage. Birthed in Uganda by three female artists: Nabasa Linda, Nankoma Sandra and Namulondo Rashida, the vision of the group is to grow into a multi international company that supports women in arts all over Africa.The group encourages women to use theatre to engage communities in issues that affect them and their children: politically, socially and economically.

We choose to break traditional norms so as to empower and elevate the African woman spirit and position in society, self-representation, self-love, and empathy.

AfroMenSpiceShowFlierThe first show Titled AFROMANSPICE premiered on 10th July, 2015 at the Ugandan National Theatre and attracted an audience of over 250 people and coverage from eight television and print media houses.The one and half hour show explored new ways of theatre productions combining poetry, monologue, music hence attracting a wider audience.


Afro Man Spice show is a play about three African women who each tell their relationship experiences with men. Coming from different backgrounds and social classes, Marina, an independent woman is pushed into a psychotic break after her failed marriage. Her neighbor Kendra, a lonely woman despises and calls her a mad woman of no class. The emotions of these two women are tested when Sarah a poor spice seller comes into their lives. She is convinced the food spices she sells can fix broken relationships and encourages the two women to reach their ultimate goal of self-love, happiness and forgiveness.

The Afro-man spice show is proud to have gained support from  NTV, KFC UGANDA, TROPICAL HEAT, FRUITY MEDIA, BRAND 360, KIDS CLUB,UNCC,PEARL RHYTHM


Afroman Spice was officially selected by the Internationally Artistic Committee of MASA Festival (Arts Market for African Performing) to perform at this year’s event 5-12 march 2016. MASA is a festival of African performing arts ( theater , music and dance ) held every 2 years in Abidjan . It is the most prestigious artistic event in Côte d’Ivoire and a meeting place for non Professional and Professionals. It is an important showcase for African contemporary creation and it adds commercial value to groups and their performances. With an all-expense paid trip to the event, the team had two performances:  on the 6th at Parais de’ culture and 8th at INSACC, Drama school in Corcody.



We are glad to inform you that will be having a new production 8th  July 2016.

What’s your secret?


Nkema: What’s your secret is an intriguing play about a young woman’s present, past and future. How society, culture and personal fears affect her reaction and actions towards her life decisions.