The question in theater is, how do you entertain an audience that is seated when you are also seated? how do you stop them from reaching for their mobile phones or simply throwing in the towel.

With our  re-imagined one hour Afroman spice radio show, we were able to do just that. I will be honest that at the beginning when the director Esther Tebandeke told us what she was  planning, I was abit skeptical. I keep saying that  am an adventurous person but I have come to realise that am not quite open to change. I had so many questions  like; how would it work? Would we be seated behind the desk the whole time? When she affirmed that we would I was like f******k. Actually she made me say all the ‘F’ words like fish, frog, fence, fork.

The beauty with life is to let the experienced people direct you and show you the way. Accept that you don’t always know everything and be open to learning and change. Giving my life to Christ and accepting that everything starts and ends with him, is helping me to be a more listening and receptive being. I decided to trust and surrender to the director wholly and honestly, after the show, I will always seek advise and direction from people who know more and are better than me. The show was a success, it was a funny, sassy and yet edutainment radio play. I thank my fellow sisters and actors Rashida and Sandy for making it happen – for giving their best.

I thank the director Esther Tebandeke, you are talented, loved and so loved by me. Kaz Kasozi the music director, and everyone who made the show happen, Tony on lights, Kenny behind the camera, Robert my blood supporter and brother who stood besides the entrance making sure no one sneaked in without paying. hahaha (yep, a girl gotta make money from art.)  Cliff the only guy who can handle our diverse temperaments thank you , to Stella and our venue Goethe Zentrum, thank you for availing your space for our three day show.

With that, please enjoy the pictures.

(photograpy by Kassim and Daniel Ecwalu)



img-20161029-wa0003Rashida Namulondo  as Rella  in action.





1 ,as Queen sherry in action img-20161029-wa0009 img-20161030-wa0004

Sandy soul as Gina bell in acting bliss


img-20161030-wa0008Dont you ever mess with Queen SHERRY