“What I wear on and off stage is my mask. You see, a mask doesn’t hide you, it exposes you.” (Nuno Roque)
Phew, its 1st April! hope you’re ready for BLAC Anthem’s Night of Solo Performances. BLAC Anthem seeks to bring performing artists from different countries to perform and collaborate, fusing languages and cultures. I strongly believe that theater should continue to cross borders and boundaries and performing artists should not shelf their work awaiting funders to bring it to life. If you want to do something, just do it!
The cast, and crew have worked tirelessly, I cannot thank them enough. If you see them running up and down, calm them down with a beer. The solo performances you will see tonight are unique, diverse and bold. We look forward to your comments or questions at the end of the night.
I would like to personally recognize our Sponsors and our masked individual supporters (You know who you are) who contributed several hard-earned gorilla notes. We are very grateful you are here and It is our sincere hope that our hard work will be a blessing to you, and bring glory to our God.


Niyomufasha Yvette is a young upcoming Rwandan movement artist, born on March 26th 1993 in the South of Rwanda. She’s been dancing since the age of 8 and also has attended different dance classes in and out of Rwanda. This has enabled her explore the various African traditional dances including the Ganda & Nyankole dance from Uganda and the Samya dance from Tanzania. Yvette uses a unique mixture of Rwandan traditional dance and modern contemporary dance to create her own special movement, as performed at the 2016 EANT (The East African Nights of Tolerants) and in some hotels around Rwanda. Her first international performance was at the annual Ubumuntu Arts Festival at the Kigali Memorial Centre.

Play : THE VEILED TRUTH Written by Nabasa Linda


A young girl gets  lost in a museum and becomes part of an art installation. When she witnesses a guide who misrepresents her family’s story. She struggles out of the bondage space and finds refuge in GOD.

Arthur Banshayeko is a Burundian Actor, Theatre and Film Director and one of the best Burundian Stand up Comedians known as Arthur Ban. He was born on January 13th, 1989 in Bururi, in the south of Burundi. Arthur has a Licence in Arts and Social Sciences in Burundi National University and is a Consulting Theatre Teacher at Ecole Française de Bujumbura and Institut Français du Burundi.

Play: THE ZENITH OF MADNESS written by Rivardo Niyonizigiye.

A physically handicapped young man narrates the atrocities committed to his family as he witnesses the death of his parents, raping of his sister and disappearance of his younger brother. “Life is sacred.”

Pamela Keryeko is a 28yr old award winning actress. She is a musoga who loves to cook, read and dance when she isn’t acting. She started her acting career on stage with the group Obsessions, from where she was handpicked to audition for a role in the TV drama, The Hostel, on which she was for its first three seasons.
She went on to act in films such as The Dummy Team, Pushover, King Of Darkness and currently stars in the award winning drama, The CoffeeShop. She has also acted in a plays for theater, Black by Aganza Kisaka and Holy Maria by Adong Lucy.

Play:  THE OTHER WOMAN written by Nabasa Linda and Carolyne M. Acen.

Shonda is a puppet in a married man’s quest for an exciting no strings attached relationship that involves the wife’s clothes, mimicry and action.

Rehema Nanfuka is an award-winning actress and writer. She is a captivating actress who has featured in national and international art and film projects FILMS: Queen of Katwe, imani, The Pardon-Imbabazi, Haunted Souls, The Road we travel, Imperial blue, Estranged and more. SERIES: Yat Madit and Kakibe ki on NTV Uganda. COMMERCIALS.: MilkMan and ITel AirtelMalawi . PLAYS: Macbeth, Ga-AD! , The Laramie project, The body of a woman as a battlefield in the Bosnian war, Jean Paul Sartre’s No Exit, Death and the Maiden, Tropical Fish.

Play: MY LIFE IN A COLOURED BOX written by Nanafuka Rehema.

A 34 year old woman is forced to reveal and confront different segments of her life that led to her mental breakdown. Good memories and bad memories, they are all in different boxes. The play explores the idea of compartmentalization which she uses as a major defense mechanism by dividing things off into mutually exclusive and watertight categories in her brain but it reveals the hidden vulnerabilities in her. What happens when the boxes pile up too high?

Carolyne M. Acen is a poetry blogger and a Spoken word artist whose work mostly rotates around real life experiences. She is also an art enthusiast and a part time counselor. Some of her work has been featured in online magazines and has been used as an inspiration for readers. Poetry was written and performed by Carolyne.


  • Personification of anguish
  • The  Side Hustle
  • The masks we wear
  • Battling an Identity crisis