I want you to hit me again
With your slave like hands, this time I won’t bargain
I want you to take me on that bloody train
Swing me then throw me out in the rain.

Not once, not twice
You got so busy
Thinking you’d get rid of me that easy
You fist punched me in my mother’s womb,
I shouted mummy is your husband crazy
And even though your punches made me dizzy
You anxiously waited for the bloody thighs
So you could go to the bar and give your drunkard victory speech
As my mother lies in excruciating pain
And I on the southern gate of heaven, in the queue for babies who never got to be birthed.

Shame on you, for I curved my tiny body in pain. I was fierce
I was never going to give you that victory speech
So when you saw no blood, you slapped hard on her tummy
I shouted help me mummy
Please fight mummy

Speak man; if you don’t love me then why did you make me?
Speak man, why did you penetrate my mother’s flower
Then choose to deflower me at eleven
Speak man: I counted to seventy seven
It was seventy seven times you humped on me.
You held tight my tiny waist
Speak man, why did you use your power?
To penetrate my little flower
You leader of the tribe of cowards
First man on the line of drunkards
Known in the books of the unemployed,
Speak you mother father
See am a good girl, I called you father

Men that beat women can never be forgiven
Men that defile, rape young girls will forever have their own line on judgement day
And we your victims will sit and watch you, watch you, watch you,
skin dripping from bones
Tongues, running dry
Bones to ashes
Ashes to nothing
We will watch you