Kwita Izina Gala

“You mean to say , Gorillas have names too?” I was asked

“With 99% of our DNA , they surely do.” I answered.

Our conversation had  sparked from a prior phone conversation  I had had with  the amazing Hope Azeda, the founder of Masharika Theater Company in Rwanda .  She’d wanted to inquire  whether  Afroman Spice was available to perform on the 26th of August at the Nwita Nzina Gala.   “Definitely, yes.” I answered

Earlier in May I had performed at the “Jewels of the jungle”, an exhibition at the Sheraton Kampala hotel, to raise funds to build a medical facility for the chimpanzees at the sanctuary, so be a part of another somewhat similar event was epic.

Gorillas surely do have a home in Rwanda.  They are purely loved, protected and celebrated. We are glad to have been a part of this prestigious event amounting to the Gorilla naming event in September.

We have enjoyed every bit of Kigali, yet I still believe much still waits to be explored. Our hosts were amazing. Working with the beautiful Angel and Jamo and Didiye was great too.

We learnt a lot, had fun, performed to our best and now we are back to Kampala….. glad to be back,

Some pics for yah