I had a poetry workshop with two grade 5 classes of Ambrosoli international school. The school is very colorful as countless drawings and paintings done by the students cover the corridor walls.
I started the workshop with introductions.

Am Linda the Lioness
my claws are long
to remind me of were I belong.”

The kids went ahead to introduce themselves as well adding to their names an animal, or bird they loved.It was not by intention that since my name starts with letter L that I used an animal that starts with the same but I found that the children followed that direction only choosing animals that started with the same letter as their name, That taught me that children like to make personal connections unlike adults.
After the introductions, I Shared with them two of my favorite children poems which are
Everybody Says

I look just like my mother.
Everybody says
I’m the image of Aunt Bee.

Everybody says
My nose is like my father’s
But I want to look like ME!
(by Dorothy Aldis)

The second poem was
The baby sitter

Mrs. Mc twitter, the baby sitter
I think she’s a little bit crazy
She thinks a baby sitter’s supposed to sit upon the baby.
(By Shel silverstein)

After I got a few to recite for me their favorite poems. we had a laugh, as most poems were silly and funny.

The first exercise was to write an Acrostic poem spelling out there first name. I gave them an example of a poem I had written

Linda notices a fly on her fried eggs.
Instead of waving it away
Not allowing it to sit and poop
“Don’t come to my side of the plate.”she says
Adding a piece of bacon.

(by me)

After ten minutes , the kids were done writing their own poems,each one of them came to the front of the class and recited.
Their poems .were funny , but I should most poems had a character of a fly

Anyway the workshop went on pretty good. the kids were great,they learnt from me and I from them.
so one of the class had a performance at the school assembly two weeks later, so I made them marching bow ties and they really looked adorable.
Here are some pictures of the performance. dont they look cute
bye bye for now. love you