One man, one wife is a street performance written by me for AFROMAN SPICE for the 10th LABA ART FESTIVAL: 11th June, 2016. It is a 10 minute street performance set in a boxing ring about three women who choose to compete for the same man.
They wash his clothes, peel matooke, dance for him but his a polygamist who loves the attention and considers all of them  winners of his heart.

Sweating, panting and absolutely tired of fighting for him the three women unite; slapping him and leaving him all alone with a plank card reading “one man one wife.’

“One man, one wife is a performance that tells women to take back control. Women are not toys, or dolls to be played with. Each woman is a lover, giver, carer, sister and daughter who deserves to be treated with respect.

We are proud to have Rehema  Nanfuka as the director of the performance.

She is a talented actor and director who didn’t tire trying new movements, sounds and actions.

Appreciation also goes out to Desire “THE MAN “we were all fighting for.  (He looked pretty cool in the spandex by the way.) Thanks for being available .you are such a great performer.

To everyone else who made the performance possible, cliff thank you.   Daniel thank you too for the video coverage.



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