Today I have officially resigned from my job to do ART. I have had this job since 2014. Am I scared? Hell!! yes I am. This is a job that was paying me every month but it was also limiting my art and stopping me from reaching my potential. So I fully go into art where the money is uncertain, but I tell you uncertainty is good, it keeps you on your feet, working and planning.

I remember in 2016, I was given a job as a copywriter for a successful adverting company. They needed me to work 8am -5pm. That meant that my art would have to die, no time for Afroman Spice, writing plays, producing, nothing. I remember turning down the job because they couldn’t allow me to work part time. As I was leaving I went to their office bathroom and I cried, I asked my self “Linda what the hell are you doing, turning down a job for art, your things of art where you are not certain?” but I remember Afroman spice was barely a year old, I just couldn’t leave and concentrate on another job, making money for someone else instead of concentrating on growing my art and me. I prayed to God, asked him to direct me and bless me, and he has been doing this for the longest time I have been alive.

so this job I have been working at since 2014 has also come to an end. Am ready to work, travel, involve my self in growing my art projects and other peoples projects as well. if you would like me in your upcoming projects, please no time wasters, no platform givers.
I am a business minded person and I bring this mind of mine into art. so we better be speaking working smart, being creative and making money. I don’t need your platform as a payment. I am creating my own platforms and will continue to grow and work with other people too. so lets grow art, lets work together, lets be serious, lets travel.

If you feel you have always wanted to do something but you are scared to try, you would rather not risk and stay comfortable, please think about it, your happiness and purpose in life comes first.
Be Blessed.
GOD I need you more than everrr.


Afroman Spice, an all women’s theatre company in Uganda welcomes Debie.

Debie Kagisa is the new spice lady in Afroman Spice. She brings her flare, talent onto the team this year.
Nabasa Linda, a co-founder and team leader of Afroman Spice, says that this change is to make Afroman Spice bigger and better.

“If you think you have seen the best of Afroman Spice, well you are in for a big surprise.” Linda said.

“We are thrilled to have Debie join us, she is not only hardworking, ambitious but also a great team player.’’ Rashida said.

Nankoma Sandra who has acted in Afroman Spice since 2015 will no longer perform on stage for Afroman Spice but she remains a huge focal point in Afroman Spice’s Success over the years.

Afroman spice opens 2018 with their new witty, satirical musical SLAY QUEENS OF AFRICA. And this year they plan to have more shows for their fans and friends.

Afroman Spice was started by, Rashida Namulondo, Sandra Nankoma and Linda Nabasa.


The 19th ASSITEJ World Congress and International Theatre Festival for Children and Young People was held from the 16 – 27 May 2017 in cape Town, South Africa. It comprised of a Festival, a Conference and a World Congress.

The Cradle of Creativity (all dedicated to theater for young audiences. The multi-layered event was hosted by ASSITEJ South Africa, and took place in Cape Town at multiple venues.This has been the first time the festival has been held in an African country since the inception of ASSITEJ International in 1965.

ASSITEJ South Africa,  is a networking platform for people working with or interested in theater for children and young people. It aims to promote and foster high quality theater for children and young people, to raise standards within the industry, to increase access and awareness, to be an advocate for the right of every child to arts education in schools, and to build relationships within the sector locally, nationally, across the continent and globally.

It was a privilege to have been among the thirty artists chosen from around the world to participant in the  Next Generation Residency .The residency is a yearly program for young theater professionals to  enable  intercultural collaborations.My two weeks in Capetown  had me in awe of all the high quality children’s plays I watched, the theater companies in attendance, The workshops and symposiums. This festival  taught me that children’s theater is just as important as adults theater.

Among the activities  I attended:

  • The Focus day sessions and workshops: story telling by Rives Collins
  • Viewpoints workshop by Erwin
  • Theatre as Education

Learning how to tell stories using different techniques and knowing what kind of stories children are interested in   was also important to note.

I sat in the plays with a note book, noting all the interesting techniques, methods that I liked. There were simply many plays to watch and I felt if I didn’t jolt down, I would be bound to forget. I am glad to say that cradle of creativity is where I got to watch mind blowing plays. My  horizon broadened as I learnt several ways to produce children’s plays.

The Receptions: Being able to attend receptions organized by specific countries with Assitej ie, Australian, Netherlands, Asian, china’s etc. was a great way to get reading material of what activities and productions are done and supported.

Africa Day meeting: Through the Africa day meeting, I got to know that there is no ASSITEJ in Uganda. What a pity, we are missing on great theater collaborations and connections. Am going to do  something about this.


I enjoyed the Africa day celebrations that happened outside Arts cape theater. Unlike all the productions and programmed that happened indoors, it was good to enjoy the nature and atmosphere at the same time whilst watching amazing musical collaborations and puppetry.

Workshop and preparation of the auction was a time to get to know the  next generation delegates, how they think, collaborate and work in a team. Initially I had thought it would have been  difficult to come up with presentations as we had several actors, directors but every one was willing to listen and follow direction. It was great that we were able to present not one but three presentations at the auction.

It wasn’t all work though, we took time off to climb lions head. Te scenery, my oh my…………..

Me after the festival