Play Writing


From page to stage is the sole reason why I love play writing. Am fascinated by playwrights who take us into the world of their characters . Among my favorite plays is Night Mother by Masha Norman and A Raising of the sun by Hans berry.

Here are my Plays


A co-written play about three African women who each tell their relationship experiences with men. Coming from different backgrounds and social classes, Marina, an independent woman is pushed into a psychotic break after her failed marriage. Her neighbor Kendra, a lonely woman despises and calls her a mad woman of no class. The emotions of these two women are tested when Sarah a poor spice seller comes into their lives. She is convinced the food spices she sells can fix broken relationships and encourages the two women to reach their ultimate goal of self-love, happiness and forgiveness.


A ten minute play about a man who has a one night stand with a woman and when he thinks he wont see her ever again, she appears in his office, and the unexpected happens.



Bridget suddenly loses her husband Boris to cancer. This affliction instills an urge for closure and when Joseline her landlady visits unannounced, Bridget is almost certain the latter is there to make fun of her painful situation. Joseline irritates Bridget who becomes infuriated and pours a measure of her dead husband’s ashes into a cup of tea. She gives it to Joseline who having seen her, devises a ploy of pretending to be possessed by Boris’ spirit. A gullible Bridget uses Joseline as a medium to get the closure she seeks and what she finds out leaves her destroyed.


One man, one wife is a 10 minute street performance set in a boxing ring, about three women who choose to compete against each other for the same man. Through the different rounds, they get to wash his clothes, peel matooke and dance for him.  The man is a polygamist who considers them all winners of his heart.

This angers the women who at that moment are sweating, panting and absolutely tired of fighting for him. In unison, the three women decide to slap the man, living him all alone with a plank card reading “one man one wife.’

“One man, one wife is a performance that tells women to take back control. Women are not toys, or dolls to be played around with. Each woman is a lover, giver, sister and daughter who deserve to be treated with respect.


Shonda is a puppet in a married man’s quest for an exciting no strings attached relationship that involves the wife’s clothes, mimicry and action.


A young girl  gets lost in a museum and becomes part of an art installation. When she witnesses a guide who misrepresents her family’s story, she struggles out of  the bondage space and finds refuge in GOD.