Blac Anthem Arts has a goal, and that’s to make theater in Kampala great again. How are we going to do it, must be your question. Blac Anthem is going to merge performing artists with NGO’s and Companies.
These institutions have the money we creative’s need to move activism deeper into the communities and we have the creative minds they need to help them do it. Art is the best way to communicate to the grass root people. Is the message is human rights, child labor, teen pregnancy; Performing Art is the medium to use.
BLAC Anthem was called upon by the Belgium Embassy in Uganda to create a performance in Technical and Vocational Education Training.
Blac Anthem got out a call on its social media platforms to attract any artists who were interested to perform. The artists who were finally chosen were not there as entertainers but as a voice for the unemployed youth.
The performance was on the high level of unemployment among the youth and how ‘thinking in the box system ‘only creates job seekers other than job creators.’
The guest of honor was the First Lady, Minister of Education Janet Museveni