Writing and Illustrating for Children Workshop & Book Dash 2017

On the evening of 21 November, I received an email in my inbox saying I had been selected as one of the top six finalists for the Writing and Illustrating for Children Workshop and Book Dash event in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I was excited to meet award-winning illustrator Barbara Scholz and writer Kirsten Boie. I would also get to write my first children’s book that would be printed and published online on the Book Dash website . It felt good to know that I would make a positive difference to the literary world  , having my book read by millions of children around Africa.

We had a two days workshop with Kirsten Boie where it  was interesting hear  that the challenges  I face as  a writer in Uganda are not any different from what the other writers say they face in their countries. We encouraged each other, discussed a way forward and what more we could do.

On the morning of 25th Saturday, we the writers sat down with illustrators, graphics designers and editors, to create the books. The goal was to create twelve children books by the end of the day, and we were put to the test.

My team consisted of ruramai rudo musekiwa as the designer, raymond landry diby as the illustrator and Nabeela Kalla as the editor.

(Team in discussions)

You won’t believe it but come 9 pm all the books were finished and it was time for each writer in every group to read their story.

My book MISS TINY CHEF was birthed. I guess you may be asking yourself, how twelve’s books can be created in one day…. Yep!! Its impossible when creative’s come together, magic is created.

(video of me reading the book)

For more information of the Bookdash event

Blog: http://jdbashton.com/thriving-with-book-dash/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7T0Gmp0j44